First Day at Hot Yoga

January 16, 2019

Call it a mid-life crisis, insecurity about my love handles, or you may even say that I am a wannabe hipster. It doesn’t matter!!

The fact of the matter is that I made it to my first hot yoga class and survived through 90 minutes of 105-degree heat and 40% humidity, while bending, stretching and twisting my perspiring body in the 26 different hot yoga postures. The salty sweat stinging my eyes was no match for my determination. The incredible muscle cramp that suddenly struck during the third posture of the routine was yet another triumph. At the end, I lifted up my heavy and lifeless arms claiming victory!

I am not suggesting that I can do any one of these poses well…nor am I suggesting that I can do any of these poses correctly. I probably know I butchered all 26 postures. Hey, after all, this is my FIRST class…what did you expect?! Nevertheless, I felt complete comfort in my struggles. There was no judgement, perhaps because I was not judgmental. I have no agenda other than giving it the old college try because I know this will be good for me in the long run.

I don’t know if I will grow tired of this hot yoga thing after couple more tries. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t…but tonight was great and I felt like a winner!!

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